Unimy’s 360° MBA Ranking Helps You Personalize Your MBA Selection

Unimy’s 360° MBA Ranking Helps You Personalize Your MBA Selection

The pursuit of an MBA has always been important for professionals looking to improve their business skills and careers. However, the journey to selecting the right business school can be challenging. That’s where Unimy comes in. In December 2023, the global MBA matching and connection platform introduced an exciting new tool – the 360° MBA Ranking. With the purpose of helping candidates choose their ideal MBA program, the ranking offers a personalized approach, tailor-made to each individual’s unique needs and preferences.

Why the need for a personalized MBA ranking?

Traditional MBA rankings, while useful, often paint a broad picture of business schools that may not suit professionals who are looking for a specific type of program. This generalized approach overlooks the individual preferences and requirements of prospective students, who are seeking programs that align not just with their career goals, but also with their personal and cultural values. The 360° MBA Ranking, using data from two reputable sources – the Financial Times MBA Rankings and US News Rankings, fills this gap. It goes a step further by integrating Unimy’s Cultural Fit Index, a tool that aids candidates in finding a business school culture that resonates with their own. Prospective applicants who are specifically interested in studying in France can even filter their results based on the location of business schools.

Unimy’s Cultural Fit Index: a game-changer

The inclusion of the Cultural Fit Index in the 360° MBA Ranking is a significant advancement. It measures less tangible but crucial aspects of business schools, such as norms and behaviors, and matches them against the candidate’s own preferences. Whether it’s a preference for teamwork over individual performance, or a casual dress code over formal business attire, this innovative feature helps candidates find a program where they can thrive not just academically but socially.

Personalizing your MBA journey

The real power of the 360° MBA Ranking lies in its customization feature. Prospective students can filter their MBA choices based on various criteria, including cultural fit, career outcomes, faculty, diversity, and acceptance rates. This process, taking no more than a minute, results in a personalized ranking of the top 100 MBA programs, finely tuned to the candidate’s specific preferences.

The essence of the 360° MBA Ranking

At its core, the new ranking is all about putting the power of choice in the hands of the MBA candidate. It responds to the unique preferences and ambitions of each individual, offering a personalized touch to the often impersonal process of selecting a business school. By combining traditional ranking data with personal preferences and cultural insights, Unimy’s 360° MBA Ranking offers a more holistic and meaningful approach to MBA selection.

A reflection of changing needs and desires

As more people engage with this innovative tool, we’ll learn more about what candidates really value in their business school selection. The 360° MBA Ranking is not just a ranking system; it’s a reflection of the changing landscape of higher education, where personalization and individual needs are gaining prominence.

Unimy’s 360° MBA Ranking is more than just another tool for MBA candidates. It’s a new way of approaching business school selection. It empowers candidates to make informed choices based on both data and personal preferences, ensuring that their MBA journey is as unique as their aspirations.


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