Terms & Conditions


General Terms and Conditions



1. These General Terms and Conditions on the use of the website https://www.unimy.com/ (the “website”) regulate the relations between Advent Group EAD (hereinafter “ADVENT”) and the users of the website (hereinafter the “CANDIDATES”) when using the services on the website (hereinafter “UNIMY”).



2. UNIMY is a service delivered by Advent Group EAD, a company established under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria, with company number 205430851, having its seat and registered address in Bulgaria, Sofia, 11 Georgi Benkovski Str.



3. UNIMY is a pioneering MBA selection platform that combines years of orientation experience with state-of-art artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology to create the best matches between students (CANDIDATES) and schools which offer MBA programs.



4. UNIMY provides CANDIDATES with free access to its database with accredit business schools’ profiles. The database contains information on, but not limited to, description of the MBA programs, admission requirements, and tuition fees. The use of the database by the CANDIDATES does not require registration on the website.



5. The use of the following services provided by UNIMY require the CANDIDATES’ prior registration on the website:

Access to UNIMY’s AI matching algorithm that provides the CANDIDATE with a list of top 10 schools the CANDIDATE is most likely to apply. UNIMY generates the list of schools based on information provided by the CANDIDATE and the option to match the CANDIDATE’s profile with a specific school;
Access to UNIMY’s Cultural Fit Map that is specifically created for a respective CANDIDATE based on his/her answers to a set of questions aimed at evaluating the CANDIDATE’s cultural profile. The Cultural Fit Map functionality provides a list of three schools which best match the CANDIDATE’s preferences;
Access to UNIMY’s consultants for CANDIDATES via live chat, email or telephone;
Access to webinars and chat sessions organized by UNIMY and business schools;
Access to platforms for direct application submissions to selected business schools and interaction of the CANDIDATES with the schools.


6. To register on the website, the CANDIDATES provide a set of personal data (see Section IX below). ADVENT reserves the right to unilaterally change the scope of information that needs to be provided by the CANDIDATES in order to use UNIMY where such changes will apply only for the future and will not affect existing profiles unless the CANDIDATE agrees otherwise.

7. The contract between ADVENT and the CANIDATE for the use of UNIMY shall be considered concluded on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions upon the registration of the CANDIDATE on the website. When no registration is required for the use of UNIMY, the contract shall be considered concluded as of the initial use of UNIMY by the CANDIDATE until the end of the session.



8. CANDIDATES shall use UNIMY in a fair manner and for its designated purposes.

9. When using UNIMY, CANDIDATES undertake to provide true and up-to-date information. ADVENT shall not bear any responsibility for the adequacy of its matching AI algorithm and Cultural Fit Map if a CANDIDATE has provided false or misleading input data.

10. When using UNIMY, CANDIDATES are prohibited from applying any software, scripts, programing languages or any other technologies that may impede the use of UNIMY by other CANDIDATES.

11. CANDIDATES undertake not to use UNIMY in any manner that may breach the applicable laws in the Republic of Bulgaria or at the country where the CANDIDATE resides and/or accesses UNIMY.

12. ADVENT reserves the right to temporary limit or terminate UNIMY on its own discretion for the purposes of improving the quality of UNIMY, support of the website, troubleshooting and any other purposes ADVENT considers appropriate.

13. ADVENT does not warrant trouble-free and uninterrupted access to UNIMY at all times. ADVENT shall not be liable for any consequences, including damages suffered by the CANDIDATE, that are in any way arising from or related to the access, limitation of access, and use of UNIMY.

14. ADVENT is entitled to unilaterally and without prior notice amend these General Terms and Conditions by updating their version on the website. A CANDIDATE is deemed to have accepted the revised Terms and Conditions if he/she continues to use UNIMY. This shall not apply to changes in these General Terms and Conditions related to the processing of CANDIDATES personal data as in such cases CANDIDATES will be provided with timely information in advance.



15. ADVENT provides the use of UNIMY free of charge for CANDIDATES.

16. ADVENT is entitled to unilaterally impose a fee for the use of UNIMY. Information on such changes to the use of UNIMY will be provided timely on the website and will always be implemented for the future use of the website.





17. The algorithms used by ADVENT are based on input data provided both by the CANDIDATES and the business schools. Although ADVENT aims at constantly updating the information provided by the schools, there could be instances where the information may not be up to date. ADVENT shall not be liable for any material or non-material damages of the CANDIDATE arising from or related to recommendations made by UNIMY based on false or misleading data provided by the CANDIDATE and/or the business schools.

18. UNIMY uses a proprietary matching algorithm to provide CANDIDATES with recommendations for best-fit schools based on the CANDIDATE’s profile. UNIMY shall not be liable for any material or non-material damages suffered by the CANDIDATE as a result of the use of UNIMY’s matching services.

19. CANDIDATES are allowed to load and print pages of UNIMY’s website to the extent they do not breach in any way the applicable intellectual property rights of ADVENT and the schools.

20. Any reproduction, transmission, modification or use of UNIMY for whatever public or commercial purposes absent ADVENT’s prior written consent shall be strictly prohibited.  

21. ADVENT shall not be liable for any information that is available on websites of third parties where such websites redirect to UNIMY.



22. The use of UNIMY’s services where no registration is needed do not require collection of CANDIDATES’ personal data by ADVENT.

23. The use of UNIMY’s services delivered upon the CANDIDATE’s registration on the website and creation of a profile requires the processing of CANDIDATE’s personal data. In such cases, ADVENT is the data controller of the collected personal data.

24. CANDIDATES are informed that their registration to use UNIMY’s services requires transfers of the CANDIDATES’ personal data to business schools that based on UNIMY’s algorithm correspond to the CANDIDATE’s profile. The transfers of the CANDIDATE’s personal data to the business schools is based solely on explicit interest stated by the CANDIDATE by adding the business school profile to his/her profile’s “Favorites”, starting an application process, matching and/or comparing Cultural Fit Maps with the said school, sending interest via the platform and visiting a specific school profile as a result from an AI match and/or the CANDIDATE’s Cultural Fit Test.

As the pairing between the CANDIDATES and the business schools is the core of UNIMY’s service, CANDIDATES may not use the services under point 5 without their personal data being transferred to the business schools. In such cases, the business schools are independent data controllers of the CANDIDATES’ personal data and ADVENT is not liable for the business schools’ compliance with the applicable data protection laws. Any data queries by the CANDIDATE on the processing of his/her personal data by the schools are to be directed to the respective school.

Therefore, if a CANDIDATE does not wish to have his/her personal data shared with business schools, the CANDIDATE shall not register for the use of UNIMY’s services.

25. Information on the processing of personal data by ADVENT is available in ADVENT’s Privacy policy available at [hyperlink to the privacy policy].


These General Terms and Conditions enter into force on 22/07/2019