Alumni Talks: EMBA at EMLYON Business School

Explore the potential of EMLYON’s EMBA to bring your career to the next level! Join this webinar to meet the Recruitment Manager of EMLYON Business School’s Executive MBA and a successful alumna, who will share his experience and insights.

Past event

Start date: 23.06.2021

clock 12:00 Europe/Paris - GMT +02:00

About the event:

The Executive MBA at EMLYON Business School is a program for senior executives aimed to help them accelerate their careers and develop an ability to lead in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving world. It places a strong focus on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, CSR and Digital Transformation and provides flexibility, strategic orientation, and dedicated career development support.

The program is ranked #8 worldwide for career progression (Financial Times 2019). It is offered in two locations in France - in Paris, where it is taught in English and in Lyon, where one can choose between English or French.

Learn more by join this free 1-hour webinar to meet the program’s Recruitment Manager Carlos Lopez Bonilla and one of the program’s successful alumnus, Asma Ladjouzi, an International e-Business developer.

Registration for the webinar is free of charge. 

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emlyon business school

emlyon business school can look back on over 150 years of history shaping its commitment to “provide lifelong training and support to enlightened people who effectively change organizations to build a society that is fairer, shows solidarity for others and respects the planet.” This mission statement has been enshrined in the school's bylaws since emlyon became a benefit corporation in 2021. Our special teaching philosophy closely links thinking and doing, helping cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset and reflexivity which have been integral to the School's DNA since it was first founded. We can rely on the expertise of a faculty consisting of more than 170 research professors informing the global scientific conversation and contributing new knowledge to our academic programs. Lastly, our social and environmental engagement underpins all our activities. 2024 has been a busy year for emlyon. Our new strategic plan - “Resonances 2028”- focuses on five qualities we expect from our students, “makers” capable of exploring alternative futures, building and taking action: academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, hybrid knowledge and resonance with the world, society and the business community. Our new campus which embodies our ambitious scientific and teaching goals will be home to the emlyon community from September 2024. These unique premises testifying to our strong local roots and international outlook will offer a truly exceptional student experience and become a meeting place for all stakeholders committed to achieving a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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About the hosts:

Carlos Lopez Bonilla

Executive MBA Recruitment Manager at EMLYON Business School

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